Grade Assignments and Activities in Schoology

You can grade assignments that you have created.

From the main Materials screen, you will see when students make submissions. You can also click on the name of the Assignment in the Upcoming list.

Alternatively, from inside the Gradebook, you will see an icon when students submit their Assignment. Click on the name of the Assignment to see the submissions.

Click on Needs Grading.

You will see the text or file that the student has submitted. (Students can write or record directly in the assignment, or can upload a variety of file types.) You can annotate directly on the document, assign a grade, and leave comments.

The grade you type in the Grade box will appear directly in the Gradebook.

You can grade activities (Fans Online and Practice Workbook) that accompany the Español Santillana program. Some are graded automatically (all Fans Online and “closed” Practice Workbook activities), while others require teacher grading (“open” Practice Workbook activities.

Automatically graded activities will appear automatically in the Gradebook once the student has completed the activity.

You can override the grade (or assign a 0 to students who have not completed the activity).
From in the Gradebook, simply click on the grade—or the space where the grade will go—and type the grade you want.

To leave a note to the student, click on the speech bubble icon. Type the note, and be sure to click Display to Student if you want the student to be able to see it.

Some Activities in the Practice Workbook have more than one possible answer and require teacher grading.  You can edit the grade manually once you see the student’s written responses.

To view student responses, first navigate to the appropriate activity in the Materials index. Click on the name of the activity to view the Teacher Dashboard.

Choose the name of the student whose responses you wish to see.

You will see the answers that the student submitted.

Enter the student’s grade in the box.

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